We solve problems that others can’t.

RPH is a network of highly skilled engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers who are able to solve the most challenging engineering problems. RPH can help you finalize your design requirements and then supply the correct resources to take your product directly to market.

Give us a product or a problem and we’ll use technology to solve it.

Our Expertise

We get product to market while saving our customers money and time. We can select the correct resources for the project and turn them off and on so you aren’t spending your resource dollars with no forward movement.

  • Concept Generation

  • Industrial Design

  • Prototyping

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Software & Optical Engineering

  • Documentation/Product Certification

  • Production Tooling and Injection Molding

  • Contract Manufacturing and Fulfillment

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RPH can support each of your front end development requirements and help you get your design started. Our ability to create a detailed list of specifications, define the necessary engineering scope, and do market and patent research are essential to your product launch and success.


We use world class industrial designers who can quickly make your idea a reality. Using the latest design tools and analysis software to ensure the items we develop are cost effective to manufacture and meet your custom specifications.


A physical representation of your idea may only be a few days away! With today’s technology we are able to produce parts and assemblies quickly and effectively, reducing your product development lead time, giving you a competitive advantage, and the confidence that the design is done right.


We are intimately involved with contract manufacturers in the US, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. We can negotiate to provide quality services to our customers and deliver product you and your customer will love.

“Can’t is a word that means to lazy to try”

Doyle Hyde, My Dad
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