• Who We Are

    RPH is a network of highly skilled engineers, suppliers, and manufacturers. We are able to solve the most challenging engineering problems and offer the most cost effective solutions. We can help you finalize your design requirements and then supply the correct resources to take your product directly to market.

  • What We Do

    We get product to market. We help save our customers money and time. We can select the correct resources for the project and turn them off and on so you aren’t spending your resource dollars with no forward movement.


Your off Site Engineering Solution

Our engineers work off site saving overhead and reducing cost and are available when necessary to offer on site support.  We have the ability to work around the clock on your projects and can pull in available resources to meet your needs no matter how large or small.  

Your Success - Testimonials

  • John Walker - Executive
    ( www.fusionio.com )
    Team RPH can be counted on when other teams lack the understanding and tenacity to deliver. Their knowledge and experience sets them apart in the industry.
  • Joe Imhoff - VP
    ( www.boonedam.com)
    I have been working with RPH for several years. Their services and companionship have become an essential part of our growth strategy. From the beginning they meshed in and become part of our “in house” engineering development team.

  • Tim Brohl - Owner (www.maximummachine.com)
    The team at RPH has a vast amount of experience with overseas manufacturing and sourcing. As I search for low cost solutions their support is invaluable. The level of integrity and trust I have with the RPH team provide me with the confidence to freely investigate any potential scenario knowing they will only provide a win-win solution and create lasting beneficial solutions when going global.


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